LOL cat likes the Horn of Plenty

I never thought I’d see a genuine LOL cat, but look at the marking’s on this cat’s side!

(I ought to add that I only know about LOL cats because of my son’s obsession, and because I read about them in the financial pages of the Guardian….)

Installation is now complete, and Julia Ridge phoned me this morning to suggest that with the weather being good, today would be a good opportunity to get some photos.

The journey from Kinston St Mary has unfortunately caused a small amount of damage to the thatching.  On my way home, I managed to find  a few reeds, and  hope to return and make good in the next couple of days.

The cats obviously appreciate this work of art, as it provides a good look out point and scratching post. What more could you want, function as well as beauty!





Transportation complete

We loaded part one and two of the ‘horn’ (joined),  on to the truck at 8pm on Friday night in the pouring rain. As soon as we had finished securing the load,  the rain stopped… We were all absolutely soaked through and my hair was plastered to my head as though I had been swimming!

We left the house at 7.15 the next morning en route for Kingston St Mary. A convoy of one truck and one car. David, Chris and myself were allocated the lifting whilst Peter’s role was as official photographer (and for a thirteen year old, I think he did a pretty good job).  Luckily it was not raining and although the garden was full of early morning wetness, the sun was shining and the trees and plants looked fantastic.

The first load was the most problematical but the second load was a complete doddle.

Tuesday is installation day and is everybody happy??? I shall be if it doesn’t rain!