Say hello to my new friend!

Because I use a enormous amount of wool in my work, I thought it would be interesting learn how to spin my own.

I did have a little difficulty finding someone to teach me how to spin wool and lucky for me fate lead me to meet Emma Riley.Who has been very patient in teaching me the art of hand spinning.

The process of spinning (like weaving) is highly addictive and meditative. I have noticed the quality is completely different to the manufactured wool which you buy in shops, I also feel i have made more of a connection to to the earth/environment by creating by hand. I have found that not only does the process of spinning give you a direct connection to the material,but it also the story and thought process that happens while spinning which is important.
I almost feel like i am about to create a spell or some sort of alchemy by spinning my own thread and looking into what i might add to the fleece to create different textures and even meanings. Meanings being a very important subject, this is because how and what i spin with now has a more potent meaning and connection to myself, when before the wool was just shop bought and had no prior story behind it.
I have been rather busy with a drop spindle over the last few weeks and though I do love the process it was taking a tad too long for me to make the wool required for my work.So you can imagine how delighted I was to receive a email from my patient tutor Emma Riley and that she was selling her old spinning wheel.

And well ta da! I am the new owner of this amazing spinning wheel which I cannot leave alone. I will confess that I had a rather frustrating day of trying to get used to it and trying not to lose patience with myself on Saturday.

But once I got used to the rhythm, it has almost become second nature to me now and the action of spinning puts me into a complete trace.

I am officially in love and wow I can spin a huge ball of wool within a couple of hours, when normally it would take a few days!

I have a lot to learn about spinning and I will be pretty much harassing

Emma over the next few months, so watch this space in regards to my adventures of spinning!

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