Aller Farmhouse Day 9

“The word ‘clue’ derives from ‘clew,’ meaning a ball of thread or yarn. It had come to mean ‘that which points the way’ because of the Greek myth in which Theseus uses a ball of yarn, given to him by Ariadne, to find his way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. The writers of the mid-nineteenth century still had this image in mind when they used the word… .

The thread that led Theseus out of the maze was true to another principle of Whicher’s investigation: the progress of a detective was backwards. To find his way out of danger and confusion, Theseus had to retrace his steps, return to the origin. The solution to a crime was the beginning as well as the end of a story.”

Day Nine at Aller today. I am finally to my brightest and last colour yellow.

The work is not far from finished, just a few bits to tweak. I have had some lovely visitors today and some very inspiring conversations!

It was a rain free day today but it was cloudy, so not a good day to take pictures of the gardens. Once the sun is out I will take some pictures promise!

Aller Farmhouse Day 8

Well it is exactly a week since I have started this installation and I am very happy with how far I am now into it, though I know not to relax and take it easy. Time has a way of creeping away from you when your not paying attention!

I woke up with a bang of thunder this morning and really thought the gods were having a laugh at me!
Though thankfully the weather was only slightly drizzly at Aller today.

Gradually over the past few days I have started to feel my fingers really getting sore from the constant weaving and last night my fingers started to bleed! Now I have an assortment of plasters on my fingers….. blood, sweat, tears!

I have also spotted that the plant life around the garden (while I was having a wonder today) are starting to become all lovely autumn colours and I believe I need to some pictures of theses for tomorrows blog!


Aller Farmhouse Day Seven

“If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up”

I feel as the maker of the Labyrinth I cannot help but be also tested or put on some journey myself. I am getting very tired right now and today I hit a wall (metaphorically speaking).

The Labyrinth is somewhat testing me and basically I have to stay focused and keep my head down!

I also saw this online (see below) while I was researching and thought this was rather relevant with my thoughts for today.

“The Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool. A labyrinth is an archetype with which we can have a direct experience. We can walk it. It is a metaphor for life’s journey. It is a symbol that creates a sacred space which leads us into its heart, then back out again along the same path. Although one is able to cross the lines at any time, we are compelled to follow the meandering path to the centre and back again.
The Labyrinth represents both a journey to our own centre and back out again into the world… at the same time as acting as a metaphor for the path we walk throughout our lives.
There is no getting lost in a Labyrinth. Rather, one is offered a path that weaves back and forth, in and out, until it ends in a central circular area. Here, walkers pause to reflect before departing as they came, carrying back wisdom gained on the inbound journey. Labyrinth walkers say the certitude of the path—knowing all decisions about direction have been made—frees them to focus on contemplation instead of navigation. Some call this prayer; others, deep reflection. Whatever the name, the practice has been used to nourish the soul around the world for several thousand of years.
The Labyrinth is a powerful geometric symbol with which we have formed an almost symbiotic relationship, which allows us to enter within its physical form at the same time as entering into a non-physical communication with ourselves.
Because they are so ancient, the various interpretations of the Labyrinth today may not agree with the same concept of the labyrinths in ancient times. It is curious then that the same identical symbol is found in countries and major religious traditions from around the ancient world (such as India, France, Egypt, Scandinavia, Crete, Sumeria, America, the British Isles, and Italy), and that in all cases, they share a common theme of pilgrimage and spiritual reward. This has led some claim they represent a universal pattern in human consciousness.”

Aller Farmhouse Day Six

“Here comes the rain again”

Well it has been a wet, though productive day. It has not torrential rain however so I should really be thankful for that one!

I have been rather lethargic today because of this drizzle, but I was cheered up by one of the visitors today. The gentleman in question is on holiday from London and happened to spot the garden on his walk. He told me he prayed that the garden would be open for him to have a look around and was delighted to see we were, i quote ” I love gardens and I love art so this has really made my trip”

He was also a very big fan of Louise Bourgeois so we had a lot to talk about! Thank you back pack man, you made my day!

Aller Farmhouse Day Five

Today I made the decision to make the most of the frame and make life a little bit difficult for the viewer to enter the space.

I am starting to block off areas within the space and make some areas denser than others so you have to bend down into some bits to get through the entrance.

I am currently feeling that the walls are caving in around me which is also the effect I want to achieve within it.

Depressing end to the day however as the rain started to pour down! I am proud of myself though, I put my waterproofs on and persisted. I have no pictures of this however because I did not want a broken nikon which is my pride and joy!


Aller Farmhouse Day Four

It has been a busy day for me today! Though it is nice to see the installation is starting to take shape.

I am having issues with my bamboo coming out from the ground when the tension gets to high. To solve this problem I am going to bring my beloved staple gun ( I have this with me so much wear it like a necklace) and detract some of the tension onto the frame.

I am also getting very sore fingers and now need plasters to put around my fingers to protect them. This is suffering for your art!