Take down and look forward

Art Weeks is finished and many of us still busy in taking down work. I went to Malthouse Gallery at East Lambrook Garden today.. artists have already collected their work, there is only few posters left. I hope all hard working artists can now have a good rest and ready for the challenge ahead.

Here is the documentation of the event and exhibition at East Lambrook Garden:

From our photographer Nisha Haq: http://nishahaq.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/200913-saw-abundance-feast-at-east.html

From our Blogger Davina Jelley http://somersetartworksblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-abundant-feast.html

Working with schools to create Pop-up Meadow

IMG_0683During the Summer Term 2013 a Pop-up Meadow will be created as part of the Abundance Arts Education Programme by primary school children from four Taunton Schools working with artist Freya Morgan (www.freyamorgan.com.

The aim of the project is to connect children and the wider public with the creativity of the cultivation of gardens and art making in Somerset. The project has been devised to develop 2d and 3d visual art skills and as well as learning around themes of cultivation and growing.

In preparation for the workshop the children will be spending half a day visiting a local meadow, allotment, garden or wildlife area to discover local flora and who/what plays a role in enabling certain species to flourish.

Freya will be encouraging the children to carefully observe individual plants, focussing on seed development and pollination. We also hope to meet people involved in the cultivation of the site we are visiting, to talk about their achievements and ambitions for the area.

The children will then work either individually or in small groups to create a chosen pollinator or wildflower sculpture using wire and willow.  Each pollinator or wildflower will be attached to the top of a stake. These can then be stuck into the ground, covering a space like a meadow.

A showcase of the artworks will be developed and ‘Pop-Up’ in Taunton at various locations over the summer.

Limited editions of Freya’s work will be exhibited in Abundance X Exhibition at East Lambrook Manor Gardens.

Abundance Feast

I received the initial proposal last week from artist Tasha Stevens about the idea of Abundance Feast, an event alongside the opening of Abundance X Exhibition, taking place at East Lambrook Manor Gardens on Friday 20 September. 6-8pm. I can’t wait for it to happen, it will be totally amazing evening. Information about how to take part in the event, please see the Art Weeks Festival Guide and on Abundance page at SAW website. http://www.somersetartworks.org.uk/abundanceImage

Spring Shoots for The Abundance Garden Trail

Spring Shoots for The Abundance Garden Trail

‘The first day of Spring was also the perfect date to launch SAW’s Abundance Garden Trail which will be a major aspect of this year’s art weeks.’ said our blogger Davina Jelley on the SAW Blog. 

On 21st March, 2013, we launched the project during the Spring Soiree event at Woodland Castle, Taunton. The event was well attended by more than 100 guests. During the event, the artists shared their idea of their new commission.

abundanceartistsPictured above are Friends of SAW Chair Lyn Mowat, Gillian Widden, Dilly Bradley NGS representative, Fiona Campbell, Zoe Li Abundance co-ordinator, Bryony Tidball, Sue Palmer, Leah Hislop and Kitty Hillier. Photo by kind permission of Sebastian King