modeSue2-henleyI wish you could have seen Sue – poised, gentle – bending down on one knee to pick up windfalls.

Shaping up just a little bit like an autumn leaf or the robin singing on an adjacent branch?

Timothy Morton again:

‘What is a person?  Are we people?

Art’s ambiguous, vague qualities will help us think things that remain difficult to put into words.’

‘Identity is a performance…instead of becoming optimal for their environments, living beings do just enough to look and quack like themselves.’

Morton, T. (2010) The Ecological Thought. Harvard University Press: Cambridge Massachusetts and London England


Aller Farmhouse Day Five

Today I made the decision to make the most of the frame and make life a little bit difficult for the viewer to enter the space.

I am starting to block off areas within the space and make some areas denser than others so you have to bend down into some bits to get through the entrance.

I am currently feeling that the walls are caving in around me which is also the effect I want to achieve within it.

Depressing end to the day however as the rain started to pour down! I am proud of myself though, I put my waterproofs on and persisted. I have no pictures of this however because I did not want a broken nikon which is my pride and joy!