Aller Farmhouse Day 8

Well it is exactly a week since I have started this installation and I am very happy with how far I am now into it, though I know not to relax and take it easy. Time has a way of creeping away from you when your not paying attention!

I woke up with a bang of thunder this morning and really thought the gods were having a laugh at me!
Though thankfully the weather was only slightly drizzly at Aller today.

Gradually over the past few days I have started to feel my fingers really getting sore from the constant weaving and last night my fingers started to bleed! Now I have an assortment of plasters on my fingers….. blood, sweat, tears!

I have also spotted that the plant life around the garden (while I was having a wonder today) are starting to become all lovely autumn colours and I believe I need to some pictures of theses for tomorrows blog!


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About leah hislop

I am a site specific artist who lives in Taunton. My most recent work concentrates on building large intricate webs out of wool in a space.  Though there is some rough plan to what I will create. I never know how the work will look like because it is made on site and the work often takes the shape of the environment/space it fills. By using my own intuition and working within the space, I feel each work is a unique piece and also has a sense of connection to the place it has been created in. The subject matter of my work explores the boundaries (both physically and physiologically) that we as a society put between ourselves and the world. They also represent for me personally my need to find a sense of place within the world. 

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