Aller Farmhouse Day Six

“Here comes the rain again”

Well it has been a wet, though productive day. It has not torrential rain however so I should really be thankful for that one!

I have been rather lethargic today because of this drizzle, but I was cheered up by one of the visitors today. The gentleman in question is on holiday from London and happened to spot the garden on his walk. He told me he prayed that the garden would be open for him to have a look around and was delighted to see we were, i quote ” I love gardens and I love art so this has really made my trip”

He was also a very big fan of Louise Bourgeois so we had a lot to talk about! Thank you back pack man, you made my day!

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About leah hislop

I am a site specific artist who lives in Taunton. My most recent work concentrates on building large intricate webs out of wool in a space.  Though there is some rough plan to what I will create. I never know how the work will look like because it is made on site and the work often takes the shape of the environment/space it fills. By using my own intuition and working within the space, I feel each work is a unique piece and also has a sense of connection to the place it has been created in. The subject matter of my work explores the boundaries (both physically and physiologically) that we as a society put between ourselves and the world. They also represent for me personally my need to find a sense of place within the world. 

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