My big end’s gone floppy!

My big end’s gone floppy…..but it happens to us all in the end……

Although the bundles of reeds are quite lightweight they are fractionally too heavy for the frame especially when they’re wet…..and it’s now raining. Panic stations……I contacted Graham Corrick who fabricated the original frame and asked if he could make me some extra rings that I can push inside to reinforce the big end. Hopefully this will fix the problem, but I won’t know until I’m on site….

The method of transport has also proved to be problematic as joining the middle section and the tail-end together proved very stressful (a good thing Zoe wasn’t filming this bit as a lot of editing would have been required!!). Consequently I’ve decided not to separate these two sections again, so my work now needs to be transported as one very big and one medium sized object. Hopefully it’s going to fit on the truck tonight, as Dilly and Brian Bradley are willing to accept delivery at 08.00 tomorrow morning. Husband David, neighbour Chris, and I will do the lifting/carrying (it’s not particularly heavy, just floppy) Wish us luck.





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