The Horn of Plenty

Ok, time to reveal my project……I plan to create a giant, empty Horn of Plenty.

The word abundance is derived from the Latin word ‘abundantia,’ and it has a variety of definitions, including profusion, plentifulness, plenty, bounty and copiousness. The dictionary also refers to Conrnucopia (The Horn of Plenty), which according to Greek mythology, was so named after Zeus (who was nurtured by the she-goat Amalthea), accidentally broke off one of her horns. From that moment on, Zeus declared that whoever possessed the horn would always prosper, as it would overflow with good things; food, drink, and riches.

The metal frame for the Horn has now been made, and measures 16ft long, with a 6ft wide opening. At the moment I have only managed to bring home the small end, or ‘nose cone’ (it does look as though it might have separated from the main body of a rocket!)

When complete, the whole structure resembles a giant salmon putcher designed for catching a suitably large fish……the one that didn’t get away.




Boys will be boys, however old they are!!!


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