One of my favourite plants is Cerinthe.  I first encountered it at Hadspen growing around the place.  My gardening friends in Sicily have the yellow one growing everywhere and almost consider it a weed.  For me, Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’ with its dense purple and grey green pearlescence is structurally fascinating.  The bees change the tone of their buzz when they go up into the flower bell – the pitch shifting to a high tone – ecstatic perhaps?

Here is the 9th generation of Cerinthe from the original plant I bought at Hadspen Garden growing in a pot outside.  Every year I collect the seed and then set it off come spring.


In focusing on the ‘extinct’ garden of Hadspen for the ‘Abundance Garden Trail’, I’m paying extra attention to all the plants growing in my garden that came from the nurseries there.  I’m considering their qualities, and why I like them so much. So of course, there is a resonance between the growth of the seedling and the slow forming of the piece that I’m making.

There is more information about my work and Hadspen Garden via my research blog ‘Inquilines’



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